I have made some small changes around here. You may have noticed that no longer brings you here — it will now take you to a website that has my shop, my blog, and recent Instagram posts. 

The Luna Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

After almost 11 years of blogging, using this particular blog host has become a little cumbersome and it is cutting in on my sewing time. I need to simplify and I hope this simplifies things for you too.

Almost all of the blog posts are now hosted on the new website (I didn't move any posts that are no longer relevant) and the format is much cleaner and easier to read. There are no ads and a lot less clutter. Plus, the search function works better and you can easily sort posts by the year they were written and what they contain. 

Part of simplifying also means that I won't have RSS subscriptions available anymore to my blog. This won't effect too many people and I have moved those subscriptions over to my email list. These emails will keep you updated on my blog and this shouldn't be too much of a change. 

One great change: comments are back. Blogger does not have a great spam filter for comments and I was getting inundated with dozens of really inappropriate spam comments every day. This shouldn't be a problem on the new website (fingers crossed!) so comments are back.

Of course all changes come with their issues — I am sure that there will be links that don't work and Pinterest pins that no longer take you to the right place. I intend to work on fixing these but it will probably take me a long while. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to me and I will do my best to help you!

This will be my very lost post here on my Blogger blog and you can find all future blog posts right here. The good news is that this blog isn't going anywhere — all posts will remain available at

A Meander Olivia Quilt

Lately I have been wanting to go back and make some older patterns. Does anyone know how to add more hours in the day so I can have time to do this? The Olivia Quilt Pattern is one of my favorites and I haven't made it in ages so Aneela Hoey's super cute Meander collection was the perfect excuse.


The Olivia Quilt in Meander - Kitchen Table Quilting

I have been a fan of Aneela's fabrics for a long, long time. Sherbet Pips and Posy were some of my favorites when they came out so I am so glad to see that she is designing fabric again. 


A Scrappy Melody Quilt + Some Luxe Cuddle Tips

As a personal challenge to myself (and out of necessity since my scrap bins are overflowing) I have been trying to make a scrappy version of most of my patterns. For the Melody Quilt Pattern, I knew that I would need to do something to differentiate the scraps so that the pattern didn't get lost — I couldn't just use colored scraps + white scraps because I needed a 3rd category.

A Scrappy Melody Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you have used my Plaid-ish quilt tutorial, you know I like to use value so this seemed like a fun way to go with this pattern. I would use darker value scraps for the A Fabrics, medium value scraps for the B scraps, and light value scraps for the background fabric.

The Melody Quilt — Mockups

In the past when I have posts mockups, I usually check out a fabric shop online and look at their bestsellers or new releases to see which fabric collections I want to use. For the past couple of patterns, I have asked for your suggestions on Instagram and it has made this all so much more fun to me. So here are your requests mocked up in the Melody Quilt Pattern.

The Melody Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting

I did a mockup for every request except one collection that I couldn't find and one that I couldn't find digital fabric files for. There were collections here that I wasn't familiar with and it was so fun to get to work a variety of styles. I tried mixing up the background fabrics so they aren't all just plain old white. Each of these mockups would use fat quarters of the collection.

The Melody Quilt — Darling Version

If I had to pick just one fabric designer to sew with for the rest of my life, it would probably be Denyse Schmidt. She strikes just the right cord between modern and traditional and I love that her prints can be mixed with each other but also mix well with other patterns. When I saw that she had a new collection called Darling, I knew it would be perfect for the Melody Quilt Pattern.

The Melody Quilt Pattern — Kitchen Table Quilting

Since the lap size version of the Melody Quilt can be made with fat eighths or fat quarters, I wanted to make one of each to show you what they look like. You need a pretty good number of fat eighths for the pattern and this collection allllmooost had enough. Not quite. 

Some fabric collections have lots of prints (25+) and some have very few (more like 10-12) so I try to accommodate both types of collections. Darling has 27 prints and I needed 26, but two of the prints are cheater HST prints and I didn't think they would work particularly well here so I ended up using one of the prints twice. 

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