orange peel pillow and a WIP

So hypothetically . . . imagine that you are visiting your Mom in Utah when Aunt Edna (DS Quilt's new line) comes out and you know that. . . .
a) your local Joann's won't get the whole collection
b) you have birthday money to spend
c) sales tax is much lower in Utah
d) the fabric is currently 30% off and I have an extra 20% off coupon
e) there is lots of room in my suitcase . . .

you might go a little overboard.  And I did.  I will be using Aunt Edna in projects for a while.  I had intended to just get enough for my swoon quilt, but I knew I would be sad when it was gone.

So you might notice that a lot of my Curves Class photos involve Aunt Edna.  Here is my latest project, the orange peel pillow:
 When I first saw this pattern as a potential project I thought, "Wow, my sister would love that as a high school graduation quilt!"  But then I made the pillow and there is no way that is happening.
Orange pillow with my earlier scallop pillow
 I did enjoy making the block, but it was very time consuming and there is a lot of room for error.  Some of my points didn't match up exactly, but they were good enough for me.

In other Aunt Edna news, I signed up to donate a quilt for an auction the youth are doing at my church. They are trying to raise money for camp this summer and they do a service auction where you can donate anything from babysitting to homemade goods to hotel stays.  I thought Aunt Edna would be a good fit because it is pretty and fun without being too crazy.  I have a little more to say about this quilt but that will have to wait until I finish the binding.


  1. HAHA! I signed up to donate a quilt for a silent auction at my twin's preschool fundraiser and am making it out of DS Sugar Creek! Great minds, I guess :)

  2. Omigosh, you have mega super duper talent. Where do I find the patterns for these pillows? I want to make them, I've been wanting to make pillows and these are to die for!


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