Swoon blocks are DONE!

swoon 1-9 layout by ericajackman
swoon 1-9 layout, a photo by ericajackman on Flickr.

I spent my evening last night finishing up my last three swoon blocks. I LOVE them and really enjoyed making them. They aren't difficult but they are very time consuming.

The photo is my intended layout but that may change.

I have another quilt to finish plus the rest of the Curves Class projects to get done before I sew these together and get to finish this quilt but I am really looking forward to it.

The fabrics used are all by Denyse Schmidt. Mostly Aunt Edna with a lot of Hope Valley and one Sugar Creek print. The background fabric is Robert Kaufman's quilter's linen in taupe.

I am really happy with the quilter's linen. It was easy to use, feels nice, and I think it will help keep this quilt looking nice since I am guessing my kids will be using it a lot. The only downside it is that it is more expensive than using a Kona solid.


  1. What a stunner! You should be so proud!

  2. This is gorgeous! I have a stack of Hope Valley that is ready to become Swoon-ified. :) Your background fabric is very similar to the color I am planning on using too, so I am ecstatic to see how amazing it looks in you blocks!

    P.S. I just found your blog through pinterest. :)


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