In progress . . .

Recently I have been spending a lot of time with my sewing machine and my swoon quilt.
 I am in love with this quilt, but I seriously hated basting it.  I don't mind basting smaller projects, but the pain in my hips made me feel really old after spending an evening on the floor basting!  

My sister is going to be in town next weekend so I am hoping to finish quilting and get this thing bound before then.

I also finished another project for the curves class.  It wasn't my favorite thing, but my daughter thinks it is really great and it is now hanging up in her room.  I do love that Alexander Henry butterfly fabric . . .
This is the last week of curves class and I am going to make both of the final project quilts.  The small quilt looks so quick and fun and I never have enough of baby shower gifts.

I also received a stack of fabric in the mail yesterday.  I have been on a bit of a buying binge lately and someone help me because it needs to stop!  This is a little of all of the pezzy prints as well as a few prints from Hello Pilgrim.  It is the first of a few packages that will be arriving in the next week or so.


  1. Erica, your Swoon looks really great! Love that background colour. I also hated basting mine. I used spray baste (a lot of it!) but ended up having to re-do sections in the middle of quilting because it didn't stick well enough. It was a royal pain, let me tell you!!

    The curves quilt is perfect for a little girl's room!

  2. Your Swoon is looking fabulous! and I agree with Heather, that background fabric is great. Is it Quilter's Linen? Your new fabrics look really fun, too!

    1. Thanks! Yes it is Quilter's linen in taupe. I have LOVED working with it.

  3. both of your projects are beautiful!! I am right there with you in the fabric dept.....i wish they would stop making such awesome lines and that i didn't love fabric so much. i have been trying really hard to buy what i need,not what i "want; but i do not "need" any more fabric.


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