Easter baskets

When I saw the nesting bowls pattern over at a cuppa and a catch up, I knew that I would be buying the pattern.  Especially when I saw the easter basket that had been made with the pattern.  My kids have been using those little felt Easter basket from Target and while they are cute, I wanted something bigger and (hopefully) more long lasting.

I wanted to use a fabric that was not Easter specific in case I wanted to use the baskets for something else in the future.  I also wanted to make mine bigger than Nova's (she used the 5 inch bowl, I used the 7 inch) because I know that my kids will want to also carry around sippy cups, stuffed animals, and snacks in their baskets.

Harper's basket
Jonah's basket, which looks wonky here, but it isn't really
The pattern is extremely well written and detailed with instructions on how to customize size and details. I didn't have the right weight of interfacing (the pattern called for a medium weight and what I had was a lighter weight), but with the fusible fleece it still stands up well on its own and I am very happy with the results.  I am looking forward to making a set of nesting bowls for myself in the future!


  1. So cute! And I can just picture a little one carrying all sorts of stuff in there. I know my kids would have when they were a bit younger!

  2. Very cute! I'm working on the same thing for my boys right now. I'm making the 6" size and hoping it isn't too small!

  3. Those are darling. I have been wanting to make something more long-lasting for my boys easter baskets too. I'm trying to decide between making them an all fabric basket like this, or basket liners for a good, sturdy basket.

  4. gorgeous baskets and very quick sewing - I've bought the pattern and haven't even read it yet !


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