mini patchwork tote

I was able to finish Harper's patchwork tote yesterday and she is just thrilled.  It is so great to make something for someone who appreciates it, even if that person is only 4 years old.  I am really pleased with how the bag turned out and I am a little bit addicted to making these.  I might accidentally make a few more.

I asked her if she could stand up and model the bag for me, but he told me "no" because she was too busy sitting. Stinker.
You can kind of see the lining in this photo.  I used a pink Japanese linen blend for the lining.  For both of our totes I used a layer of batting inside Essex Yarn Died in flax which is so wonderful.  I need more.   

In other news, I won something!  I entered my Swoon quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival a few weeks ago, and even though my quilt wasn't nominated for anything, I did win one of the random prizes which was a $50 gift certificate to The Quilting Garden.  I enter giveaways all of the time and have never won anything so boy was I SHOCKED.  I was thrilled to see that the shop has a whole bunch of Children at Play so I ordered a nice little stack of that.  The fabric arrived in the mail very quickly and is already sitting on my shelf.

Things have been a little crazy over at our house.  My husband is an attorney and was going to be away at a trial for the month of June, but his case unexpectedly settled so he is now home.  Last night we bought some last minute tickets to Hawaii and will be leaving on Wednesday.  Neither of us have ever been so we are super excited!  Things are probably going to be a little quiet around here for a couple weeks.

Now the real question . . . does anyone know of any good fabric shops on Oahu or Maui?  Ha ha :)


  1. darling little tote bag!! And wow - what fun to race off to Hawaii! Be sure & visit:!

  2. Cute bag!! Have a great time in Hawaii.. I love that state!


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