I'm home!

After spending 10 days in Hawaii, then having my Mom visit for a week, and then heading to Utah for a week for my brother's wedding, I am finally home.  And after getting home we have been undergoing to major changes to our diets after reading this book:
in hopes that this will help my daughters eczema (which is terrible).  I really like the ideas in the book and I think it will be much healthier for all of us.  It has only been 4 days now, and Harper's eczema already looks better.  I was worried because my kids are picky eaters, but they have actually really taken to eating healthier!  Yay!

Since I knew that our new diet was going to take some adjusting this week, I wanted to work on something fun.  A couple weeks ago we had dinner at my aunt-in-law Judy's house.  She was admiring my giant patchwork tote so I offered to make one for her.  These bags are really fun to make; I love digging through my scrap bin and using little pieces of some of my favorite fabrics.

I didn't write down dimensions when I was making my original bag, so this one ended up a little deeper and a little narrower, but I think it is still a pretty good size.
I cut into my Melody Miller typewriters for this side.  Judy is an English teacher and editor so I thought that it was fitting.  I used essex yarn dyed in flax for the handles again because it is soft and linen-y at the same time.
 For the inside I used this cute pink Japanese linen print.
I debated adding interfacing to the bag, but I decided that I like that my bag is floppy so I didn't.  I did use SF-101 on the lining and the exterior has batting, but that is it.

This is headed for the PO today so I hope Judy likes it!


  1. I love the bag, I'm sure Judy will love it, too. I have a "non-quilting" blog friend whose daughter has the same problem, so I passed her your link. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Oh my gosh, I am SO EXCITED! It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it "live"!

  3. It is even MORE gorgeous in real life than in pictures. Thank you!!!!

  4. this bag is fabulous! about how big is this bag??
    thanks julie

  5. I've been gone a month and have missed all your new posts! This is such a darling bag! I just love all the fabrics you put together for it.

    My son has severe eczema, and it really flared up while we were in Utah. I might have to check out that book.


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