refrigerator magnets pillow

I have been wanting to make a pillow for our living room for a while.  For the most part, we are not throw pillow people.  They get thrown on the floor and dirty, but I wanted to have a big giant pillow to use for the couch.  I bought the refrigerator magnets pattern from Oh, Fransson! when it came out so I thought that this would be a good time to try it out.

The pattern is great (I love her patterns).  But I did not enjoy making the letters.  It was pretty tedious and I don't think I could make a whole quilt with letters, so I am glad I tried it out on a pillow.

love at home pillow
I was a little puzzled about what I wanted the pillow to say . . . I eventually decided to use the title of one of my favorite hymns: 

And for the back I used this Dwell print that I got at Joann's on clearance.  I had already started the pillow top without know what I was going to use for the back, so when I saw this print I had to get it.
love at home pillow back
I did more pebble quilting on this pillow (so much easier on a smaller project!).  I also tried sewing the binding on with my machine for the first time.  It was okay, but I think I will stick with sewing it on by hand.  I quilted the back with diagonal lines about 1/2-ish apart.

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  1. This is a great little pillow! Very fun!

    When I first tried machine binding, the end result wasn't the greatest, but now that I have done it a few times, it comes out great---and so much quicker! I encourage you to try it again (unless you like hand stitching it on).



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