The iron dilemma

When I was in college I lived in this old, old, old house in a basement apartment. The place had a tiny kitchen, a tiny living room, and an even tinier bedroom, and it also had a little storage room that was filled with all kinds of treasures. There were abandoned clothes, forgotten textbooks, and an iron. I was not much of an ironer, but when I moved out of the apartment I took the iron with me.

I got married shortly after that and the iron traveled with us to LA. But until I started sewing two years ago, I had never really used it. It is old. And when it was new it was cheap. It has this part where it looks like a label was ripped off so I think someone might have actually stolen it from a hotel. So while the iron works ok, it smells a little weird and I feel like there must be something better out there.

So my question to you is . . . what should I get?

This Oliso TG1600 smart iron pro has been on my Amazon wish list for a while but it is EXPENSIVE and it only has 3 stars so I am not anxious to take the plunge.

This Oliso TG1050 is less expensive and has better reviews.  But is it missing something I need?  I feel like it is so much less expensive that it must not be as good.

Any suggestions?

In other news, my fabrics for the Totally Groovy QAL arrived today.

Totally Groovy QAL fabrics'
The quilt is going to be for a very girly little girl so I went pretty girly with the colors.  The pink print on the bottom is for the backing.  I am excited to get started!

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