a quilt for my husband

I mentioned this quilt a few weeks ago and then it got folded up into a drawer and forgotten about.  So while I was thinking that I had all current projects finished last week, I found this one hiding in a drawer.  That had to be remedied.

gamer quilt
My husband loves video games.  And while it drives me a little bit crazy sometimes, I am glad that he has a hobby that he enjoys.  This quilt top was really quick to put together, but it was my first time doing machine applique so I was a little nervous (it was fine).  The pattern wasn't super detailed about how to get everything to line up, but it all worked out in the end. 

For the backing and binding I used this Monaluna print which I bought on clearance a few months ago.  
gamer quilt back
I generally use a very low loft cotton batting and Tom wanted something a little fluffier so I used a wool batting for the first time.  I would probably use it again, but I think I will stick with cotton most fo the time.  Basting the quilt was a little more difficult because the batting is fluffy and I don't like the way that the quilting looks as much.  But the end result does have a nice texture and it is very lightweight and warm.  

Tom's only complaint about the pattern is that the end product isn't bigger.  I should have just added some length and width to it, but I didn't want to mess with the proportions.  The finished size is about 56"x68".


  1. Very fun, and I love the backing/binding you chose!

  2. Awesome quilt - I really love your quilting and the orange spot fabric!

  3. Amazing, sophisticated and gorgeous!

  4. Love this quilt, so stunning! As a gamer engaged to another gamer, this is right up my alley! Awesome! =)


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