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groove quilt

I had a chance to get started on my Groove quilt yesterday.  I have decided to go with a choose-your-own-adventure approach to the pattern so that I don't have to cut so many pieces and have so many seams in my finished quilt (Amanda wrote up a little tutorial on how to do it this way, I am doing something similar to that).

So far it is coming together quickly.  I am using Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids and they are absolutely WONDERFUL.  I love Kona solids and I have recently become a big fan of Freespirit solids, but the Konas aren't as soft and the Freespirit solids have a nice sheen but they seem to fray a lot.  I am definitely going to be getting some more Cotton Couture.

A few weeks ago I ordered Emily Cier's (she is the one that wrote the Groove pattern) book Pixel Play  and I just got a notification from Amazon that it is shipping a month earlier that expected.  I am looking forward to getting some mail this week!


  1. Love the groove pattern and the colours you chose are fab!

  2. This looks so great! I love the 'choose your own adventure' path :) I really love your colors. And I am with you on the cotton coutures! They are super nice!
    Thanks for mentioning me!


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