more jane market bags

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway.  I just love reading the comments that people post.  The winner is:

Congratulations Heather!  I will be sending you an email to get your address.

I spent some time this weekend making some Jane Market Bags with my daughter while my son was napping.  I made a few of these bags in the spring for my Mom and Mother-in-law, but I thought it would be nice to have some around the house.  Los Angeles recently decided to ban plastic grocery bags and the ban goes into effect soon, so I need some bags that I can actually remember to bring to the grocery store with me!

I did one with this cute Echino birds print that I love.  The blue fabric is essex in navy and it is lined with a Hope Valley print.
echino birds jane market bag
And one with some Cat in the Hat prints.  
cat in the hat jane market bag
I attached the handles to the inside of the bag this time because I forgot to finish the short ends of the handles when I was making them (oops).  I think I prefer them on the outside.

I have fabric sitting out for 2 more bags so I am planning on getting those finished up tonight.  I lined both bags with Craft Fuse.  If you haven't tried this pattern, it is only $6 and it is satisfying to make.  Plus, you only need half yard cuts of each fabric so it is a great stash buster.  I am looking forward to testing this out at the grocery store this week :)


  1. Good on you to ban plastic bags, and what a great excuse to get new bags!

  2. How have these bags been working out for you? I was looking at the pattern but was concerned that they should have a laminate fabric on the inside so that they don't get too messy. Any feedback you've got is greatly appreciated! :)

  3. speaking as one of the LUCKY moms who got two of Erica's totes--they are sturdy, stand up to be filled, are washable (although I never have needed to wash them yet in 2 years--I would nix the laminate idea.) and gain me a lot of admiration at the grocery store. One woman was puzzled that I would use such a fine bag for groceries! I love them. Is there a tutorial somewhere, Erica, so I can make a couple more?


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