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When we moved to LA 6 years ago, we were lucky enough to meet the Moores.  My husband and Morgan's husband were both attending graduate programs at UCLA and they lived in the building next to us.  A couple of years later we both had daughters within a couple of weeks of each other.

Kate and Harper have been the best of friends every since
Kate and Harper Halloween 2009
Harper and Kate Halloween 2011
Morgan is one of those people who is very inspiring to be around.  She is effortlessly creative and her quilts are what inspired me to start quilting two years ago.
This past summer the Moores moved away to Massachusetts and we miss them dearly.  But, Morgan has started a wonderful new project where she is hoping to share some of her wonderful craftiness with the world.  You can read about her project on her blog here.  She is hoping to fund this project through Kickstarter.  

You can find out even more about Morgan's project and make a donation on her Kickstarter Page.


  1. You are the best! Thank you thank you! We miss you TERRIBLY!!!!

    p.s. No trunk-or-treat here in MA. BOO!!!

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