(Re)mixing things up around here

My daughter Harper likes to help me with "my fabric" and is always asking who I am making things for.  The other day she asked if we could make something for her and I can't say no to that!

I have built up a little collection of Remix fabric and it is perfect for my spunky little girl.  I pulled out my stash and she chose which prints she wanted to use and then she helped me match solids to the prints.  I had just seen this quilt so I felt inspired to make some flying geese, but I have no idea what exactly I am going to do with them yet.
remix flying geese
We've made about 50 so far and I think we will just keep going until Harper decides how she wants to lay them out.


  1. SO cute of here! She has already great taste!

  2. Such a great experience for a little girl and her mom...and an opportunity to learn about colors and patterns and what goes together...and a physical remembrance of the whole thing.


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