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Today I finished up the queen sized wonky cross quilt I have been making for my sister- and brother-in-law for Christmas.  In my husband's family we rotate who we have for Christmas each year, and this year we have Denise and John.  Denise (my husband's sister) dropped a major hint that she would like a queen sized quilt for Christmas this year.  My first reaction was that I wasn't up for it, but then I thought . . . why not?

Denise and John are great and it makes me happy to make something for someone when I know that it is something they want.  She requested a quilt made up of different shades of blue and neutrals.  My plan was to make the quilt completely from fabrics in my stash (I have way too much fabric), and I was actually pretty successful.  I only bought 4 quarter yard cuts to kind of even the blues out since most of what I have is aqua and turquoise.

I have been wanting to try some wonky cross blocks for a while.  They are pretty easy and don't have much fabric waste, which was important because I was trying to work within my stash.
wonky cross quilt
I am really hoping that they love it.  I did enjoy making it, but queen sized quilts are a lot of work.  They get really heavy!

I quilted it with random organic (aka not completely straight) lines.  Even though it takes a lot of time and is a little tedious, I love the texture that it gives a quilt.  Each column took me 45 minutes to an hour to quilt (there are 11 columns) and took at least a bobbin of thread.  The finished quilt is about 90" square.  
wonky cross quilt
I was very happy when I remembered that I had fabric in my stash for the backing.  I bought this Moda 108" wide dottie a few months ago.  As much as I like a pieced back, it was nice to use one solid piece for a large quilt.  

This is the quilt after being washed.  It turned out so soft and crinkly!
wonky cross quilt back

I also finished up one smaller project today.  Yesterday I walked into Sew Modern and saw some Loulouthi velveteen in the remnant bin.  I almost squealed.  I even had the perfect voile at home to match up with the velveteen for some figure 8 scarves.  

My sister Carly is turning 19 at the end of the month and she actually lives in a place where it gets cold (Provo) so I thought this would be a good gift for her (of course I have enough fabric to make 2 so I am going to keep one for myself even though it is perpetually warm in Southern California).  I had my husband take quick shot of me wearing it today, even though it was 80 degrees outside.  
figure 8 scarf
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  1. The quilt finished up amazing Erica. They're going to love it. I've looked at that moda dotty fabric before but have never tried it.

    The scarf is lovely, as are you!

  2. I love this quilt, it's fabulous! I'm sure they'll love it, what a fantastic gift. And your scarf looks really lovely, too.

  3. This is drop dead gorgeous! An awesome Christmas gift.

  4. Amazing quilt! Your sister is going to love her new scarf!

  5. Beautiful tactile quilt. I love your colour mix.

  6. Love it! Great colours and all that quilting!! Lucky recipients :)

  7. Well done on the quilt, what a massive undertaking! I must admit that I regularly chicken out and end up with queen width runners instead of full quilts. You're right, they are such a huge time commitment. That is so much better then a shop bought gift any day.

  8. Yay, you finished it!! Looks great!

  9. Hey Erica! The scarf looks great. Thanks for mentioning Sew Modern. xo, Lauren


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