return of the nesting bowls pattern . . .

During the spring I made my kids some easter baskets using the nesting bowls pattern over at a cuppa and a catchup.  I bought a couple of Lizzy House's Guising prints a couple months ago and thought they would be perfect for some Halloween buckets.

The pattern is really great and detailed and even includes cutting instructions for a feature panel.  Yay for no math!

halloween buckets
I made the 8 inch size with the two handle option.  I did end up just using Thermolam for the exterior lining and a lightweight interfacing for the interior.  Because they weren't as stand-up-able as they might have otherwise been, I added a little pintuck thing (is that what those are called?) in each corner to help it stand up straight.

jack-o-lanterns for Harper
ghosts for Jonah
So far my kids think that these make really awesome hats, but pretty soon they will be happily filling them with candy!


  1. Adorable as usual :) I like that you made them bucket shaped, rather than the usual bag. I got the idea to make my kids some trick or treat bags, but then they have all been gifted 2 trick or treat bags each this year (go figure), so....I guess they will go on the to-do list for next year.

  2. So fun! thank you for the nice words about my pattern x


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