wip wednesday

First, I just want to make a little plug.  Voting has opened for the Totally Groovy QAL and you should check it out! There are some really beautiful quilts.  And of course I wouldn't mind if you vote for mine :)
So I have no finished projects to show you this week.  The only thing I finished was a passport sleeve I made for my cousin who just found out she was accepted into a study abroad program.
passport sleeve

Other than that, I have been spending a lot of time with my rotary cutter getting some new projects started.  

My current WIPs:
  • Habitat quilt for my sister.  I have to admit, I am really worried about how my sister will feel about this quilt.  She is pretty particular.  I love the fabrics, I just hope that she does too.  I ended up going with the Fire Drill pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's most recent book.  I finished trimming the last blocks this morning and I am going to start putting the blocks together today. Hopefully I will be quilting this one by this time next week.
habitat blocks
  • Quilt for my son.  I spent some time this week cutting strips and I will get started on this one as soon as I finish the Habitat quilt.  I am going to be using some of Ed Emberley's Happy Drawing collection and I am very excited to work with it.  So cute.
boy quilt

Future projects . . .
I have a few things I would like to start in the future, but I am just going to try to enjoy my current WIPs without worrying too much about those!


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