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When I made Perfect Quilted Totes for my daughters teachers last week, I knew I wanted to try a smaller version for my kids.  I shrunk the measurements in the pattern by 25% and it was the perfect size for little kids.

I made my son's first as a test, since I was concerned that it would turn out weird.  The only measurement I didn't shrink by 25% was the straps because I thought they would be too short, so I shrunk them by about 10% and I regret it.  The full 25% was perfect when I made my daughter's bag.
mini perfect quilted tote side amini perfect quilted tote side b
My favorite thing about the pattern is the interior, and I think the pockets will be great for my kids.
mini perfect quilted tote inside
My daughter loves green, which is probably my least favorite color and I hardly have any in my stash.  I ended up picking up some Kona clover for the lining (which I forgot to take a picture of) since I didn't put much green on the exterior.
mini perfect quilted tote size amini perfect quilted tote size b
These will go under the Christmas tree along with a couple of wide open zippered pouches that I made today.  My machine is now put away until after Christmas so I don't accidentally start any new projects :)
hello kitty open wide zippered pouch
echino open wide zippered pouch


  1. Haha, accidently start. That sneaky fabric escaping and leaping under your machine. Mine lurks in corners until it can jump my rotary cutter. The bags look great and I like the wide open pouches.

  2. Love that term- accidentially start. Perfect! Love the car fabric!


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