bee blocks, a finished quilt top, and quiltcon

For our DGS Wish circle this month, Lynn asked us to make green and blue blocks with a gray background.
february wish circle blocks
These were fun and fast to put together.  I didn't realize until I was done that everyone else was using the same color of gray for the entire background so I hope Lynn doesn't mind that I raided my scraps and came up with lots of different grays!

I spent the last couple days putting together a quilt top for a friend's newborn who is in the hospital for the next few weeks.  I was helping my friend learn to make her first quilt when they moved to Boston last year, so I wanted to do something when I heard the story.
16 patch quilt top
I finished up the quilt top last night and then basted it today during nap time.  I think that Adrianne and I must be on the same page because I added 16 patch to my quilts-I-want-to-make list after finish my the scrappy trip along.  I am thinking about trying orange peel quilting on this one.  Would that be ok for a baby boy quilt?

My friend and fellow Wish-circle member Alyssa was kind enough to take a photo of my Posy quilt at Quiltcon.  I wish I could have been there to see it in person, thanks Alyssa!
I spotted Ericka Jackman's posy triangle quilt! #quiltcon


  1. To my husband (a mathematician) orange peel quilting looks very similar to some geometry proof he rattled on about.... so very appropriate for a boy, or really anyone who might not like flowers.

    And I love your Posey quilt!

  2. I LOVE your bee blocks. And yes, I think an orange peel design would be perfect quilting.

  3. Oh my those two blocks are gorgeous! Hope baby is ok.

  4. Loving your bee blocks. peel is a good one for BOY or GIRl!!!

  5. Love the bee blocks with the varied grays!

  6. Your blocks looks great--I love the mix of grays!

  7. those bee blocks really shine with the varied greys - a great idea

  8. The blue and green blocks with the different shades of grey are beautiful!!

  9. Really like your bee blocks. Love the color combo.

  10. Thanks for the shout-out Erica! Your 16 patch looks great, and your bee blocks are stunning!


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