superhero capes

My kids have been begging for superhero capes for several months.  My son still wears the cape that I made him for his Superman costume when he was 4 months old . . . so it was a little bit too small.

I let the kids pick out one solid fabric and one print fabric.  Harper picked a hot pink essex linen and Jonah picked Kona navy.  They both picked Ann Kelle prints for the lining (love her fabric!) so we got started on them yesterday afternoon.

I actually found the tutorial for these at Ann Kelle's website, so it was perfect that my kids picked her fabrics :)  I followed the tutorial except I made the edges at the bottom of the capes rounded.

They turned out a tad big, but they will grow into them.
superhero capes
I was happy that Jonah chose the whale print without any prompting from me. 
Jonah's cape
Harper loves green almost as much as she loves pink, so this print was perfect for her.  Can you tell she dressed herself today?
Harper's cape
And I was happy to put some fabric from my stash to good use - as sad as I am to see it used up, I need to make room for new fabric :)


  1. These are great! I just made a tutorial for hooded capes over on my blog, must be something in the air!

  2. Cute kidlets in their capes!! I know that feeling too well of not wanting to use fabrics that are favourites but wanting to buy more. It's nice that you'll be seeing them well used and loved.


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