wip wednesday

I am happily back to working on my Maple Leaf Rag.  If you have ever thought about making this quilt, go for it.  This is the most satisfying project that I have ever worked on and I am sad that I am almost done.

Sorry for the terrible phone photo.
All I have left is some half rings that go around the edges and along the bottom.

It had been my intention to use all different fabrics, but I notice last night that I have used 2 fabrics twice.  I am a little sad but not sad enough to fix it.  This quilt really makes me wish I had a nice big design wall!

My only other WIP is a bookshelf block that I am making for someone in my DGS circle that is for something other than DGS.  I will (hopefully) finish that one up today so I can get it in the mail.

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  1. Looks great! You must either really like those ones or they really called to you! (I think that happens even to the best of us.)

  2. Fantastic Erica. You've made amazing progress. I've had a small handful of projects that were like that - that I was sad when they were finished! Most of the time I'm relieved when project is done.

  3. With so many fabrics I don't think anyone else will notice the repeats! It'd be like a game of Where's Waldo. :P

  4. That is a fab quilt top. Almost good enough for me to enthusiastically decide to add it to my works in progress (but I'm not getting caught in that again, quite yet!). It is going on my list of must-makes though. Gorgeous :)

  5. This is such a great quilt Erica - every time I see it I love it a little more. Is there a specific pattern or tutorial you are using? I am starting to amass a decent collection of scraps and would like to use them in something this lovely!

  6. Your quilt is bright and beautiful! It looks really hard to make....


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