Q2 FAL Goals

For Q1 I was pretty conservative with my goals, but this quarter I really want to push myself.
1.  This might be impossible, but I would like to finish my Maple Leaf Rag quilt.  I am LOVING hand quilting it, but I have carpal tunnel in my hand and don't want to injure myself so I'm trying to take it slow.  But I can't wait to finish this one up so I can use it.  This pattern is from Sarah Fielke's book Material Obsession 2.

2.  Over the weekend I started a new quilt after seeing Amanda's posts on Instagram (are you on Instagram? my username is ericajackman).  It is the Bangles quilt from Sarah Fielke's amazing new book.
3.  I don't have a photo because this project is way hiding in the back of my closet, but a few months ago I started a simple patchwork square quilt for our bed.  Originally I was just going to use Lotta Jansdotter's Echo and Bella, but when I found out that Glimma would be coming out soon I put the project on hold.  I have already preordered a bundle of Glimma so once that gets here I can finish this one up.

I am looking forward to finishing these so I can put them to good use :)

Linking up to She Can Quilt's Finish-a-long.


  1. The handquilting is looking fantastic Erica!

  2. Good luck on your list! Awesome hand quilting!

  3. You'll do well! The quilting is looking really good.

  4. Great goals - I can't wait to see your Lotta Jansdotter quilt - it sounds wonderful!

  5. Love those bangles! Your colour choices are perfect! Can't wait to see more of it.
    (Might need to add it to my ever growing list of quilts to make.)

  6. Thanks for posting the book source.
    I love your Maple Leaf Rag quilt!

  7. Wonderful job. It is hard to give away a project like that! Ever thought about doing a quilt show?

  8. These look great. I especially love that Bangles quilt--it does look like an armful of bracelets!

    Elizabeth E.
    P.S. Added you to my Bloglovin' list!

  9. Oh, I can see how those paths on the maple leaf quilt would be such a delight to hand quilt. Wish I could come over and join in!


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