Roller Skate Dress

My daughter started kindergarten on Tuesday and had her first full day yesterday.  She loves it, and I love it too, it's a great school.  But it is kind of strange to me that I went to an elementary school that had a bucket of soap bars in every classroom for the kids whose parents couldn't afford soap and now my daughter goes to a school where the kids look like the just walked off the runway.  Both are great schools, she is just having a totally different experience!

Since I made my daughter a dress for the first day of preschool last year, I thought I would make one again.  This year we chose the Roller Skate Dress from Oliver + S.
First day of kindergarten
I used hot pink Robert Kaufman seersucker for the outer fabric and a lightweight cotton for the lining.  I really love the seersucker and I am pleased that I have plenty leftover to make her a skirt at some point.

Harper's measurements fit a size 5 so I made the size 5 without any alterations.  She is very slender through the shoulders so the top fits a little bit big, but it isn't unwearably big and gives her a little room to grow.
roller skate dress front
Overall I thought the pattern was very well written and the fastest and easiest dress pattern that I have made.  I do not sew a lot of clothes so if I can do it, you can do it.  
roller skate dress back
Harper really liked the dress and we already have fabric washed and waiting to make the tunic version :)

Thanks for all of your feedback about doing a giveaway as a way to destash.  I am planning on going through everything this weekend and I hope to get the giveaway posted on Sunday or Monday, so watch out for it!

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  1. This turned out super cute :)

  2. So so cute. Your daughter is adorable. I love how little girls wear leggings under everything these days.

  3. She is so cute and I love that dress! Great pick for fabric too.

  4. She is so cute. I'm watching for your destash and/or giveaway.

  5. She is so cute! Love the dress, and it looks like she does too :o)

  6. What a cute dress! My oldest starts kindergarten this year too but school for us doesn't start until just after Labor Day. Can't wait too see your tunic version!

  7. This is really adorable! Have you been doing a bit of blog updating? If so, it looks good!

  8. Sweet dress.
    Yes, kindy has changed a lot since I was there too.

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  10. The dress is so cute - congrats on your daughter starting kindergarten, a milestone!

  11. Love the dress! She looks so adorable and I'm so happy that she is enjoying school. My daughter just started High School this year so its a new experience for her as well. Super cute!!!

  12. So cute! Hope she loved her first day!! I just finished a Geranium dress for Aria this morning. Couldn't believe how fast and easy it was. I already have fabrics chosen for another, but first plan to make 2 baby versions. So.. if you'd like another easy dress pattern =)

  13. Oh my goodness, she is too cute! That dress looks perfect for her.


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