September Blocks

With all of the packing that has been going on over here I was happy to get my September blocks finished up.

The September Lucky Star block was pretty quick and easy this month.  Some of my fabric is already packed up so I was limited to my scraps.  Luckily the 6.5" blocks just take a tiny bit of each fabric.  
September Lucky Stars Block
And here are my blocks so far.  I am determined to finish all of the blocks so it was important to me not to get behind.
Jan - Sept Lucky Stars Blocks
This is the last month I will be taking photos of my Lucky Stars blocks on this fence :(

For the Wish Circle's blocks this month Steph asked for Scrappy String HSTs.  She only asked us to make 2, but the blocks aren't very big (8.5" finished) and it wasn't much extra work to make 4 blocks so I made extra.  
Wish Circle September String Blocks
And my sewing machine is now packed up.  I have a couple more posts to make this week, but otherwise things might be a little quiet around here until October.  


  1. I'm kind of chuckling that you called this block "easy and quick". LOL. But, I can see in comparison... Paper piecing does change the perspective!

    Thanks for sharing your DGS blocks too. Lovely!

  2. Your stars are looking great! So much fun to have a little something new to do between bigger projects.
    Happy moving!

  3. I love all of your stars Erica. The colours between them seems so balanced - even that green that I seem to remember you weren't too sure about at first.

    I also love the bright string blocks.

  4. I just think your Lucky Stars quilt is going to be epic. I am completely in love with the fabric and color play you've chosen. I can't wait to see it all done.

  5. Those stars are just gorgeous - love all the colour combos! And those string blocks are lovely (although I"m not sure that I agree with quick & easy?!). Good luck with the move - we moved about this time last year so I fully sympathise with the packing everything away x

  6. Your stars look absolutely beautiful! Good luck with the sewing withdrawal - hope you have some hand sewing planned :o)

  7. Wow! Your lucky star block is phenomenal, Erica!

  8. I really like your stars. Carry on : )

  9. The lucky stats look great. I really need to catch up on mine.

  10. Your Lucky Star collection just keeps getting better and better!

  11. Beautiful blocks so far! I love seeing them all together. They work so well!

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