Halloween 2013

Yes, I know Halloween isn't for more than another week.  But since there are so many school carnivals and parties around Halloween that our church decided to have our party on Saturday.  This made costume-making very hectic and last minute, but it also means that their costumes are now done!

Harper loves rainbows and I recently introduced her to Rainbow Brite on YouTube.  She loves it.  Which is so fun for me because I loved Rainbow Brite when I was her age.
Rainbow Brite - Halloween 2013
The costume ended up being pretty simple (well, relatively speaking).  Here are the details if you are interested in making a Rainbow Brite costume of your own:
  • I bought a long sleeved blue shirt from Wal-Mart for the top and made a circle skirt out of some polyester-y fabric that I bought at Joann's for the bottom.  I'm not sure what it was but it was the exact same blue as the shirt and it was near the knits.  
  • The top of the skirt is red elastic and I sewed white faux fur around the hem (both also from Joann's).  
  • Then I bought some thigh-high rainbow socks.  I cut off the top few inches of the socks and sews more white faux fur around the tops, then folded the bottom edge under and zig zagged around the edges so they wouldn't fray.
  • Then I cut off just the toe of the sock and pulled them over the shirt sleeves.  Then I folded the edge under the top and bottom and whip-stitched the sock onto the sleeve by hand.  
  • I bought red socks from Target and pulled them over my daughter's rain boots and then pulled the rainbow sock/faux fur on top of those. 
  • The rainbow in the front is just cheap eco-felt from Joann's.  I freehanded a rainbow shape onto orange, yellow, and green felt and then glued those onto another piece of felt that I had stiffened up with interfacing.
  • And then to make the red straps over her shoulders I sewed the elastic onto the elastic on the back of the skirt and then attached suspender clips (also from Joann's) onto the other edge so I could clip them behind the rainbow.  
Ok, that sounds more complicated than it actually was, it was actually a pretty quick project.  I had really wanted to make the puffy rainbow sleeves, but time was not on my side and I think my daughter preferred the crazy sock sleeves anyway.  

Jonah really wanted to be Dash this year, which was great because it is a simple costume. I almost forgot to make his mask so it was very last minute.  And the last minute-ness is obvious.
Dash - Halloween 2013
Oh well, he really liked it and was convinced that he was much faster with this costume on.

And now that I am done with costumes, I can enjoy Halloween and actually get started on a new quilting project :)


  1. Great job! Their costumes are adorable! I made my son's garden gnome costume last year. This year I went with the "I just had a baby" excuse and bought both of them. :P

  2. Rainbow Brite! I knew it as soon as I saw it. :)

    And Dash is pretty awesome too.

  3. Those are so great!!! I once tried to cut my bangs like Rainbow Brite, when I was a kid. It was a disaster. HA! Love that you're sharing good ol' classics with your kids. And how exciting that your costume abilities can create super powers for others!!! :) They're adorable.

  4. What awesome costumes! Next year maybe I'll make the kids costumes.

  5. Both are super cute! I just finished up my son's fox costume a few days ago and he's been wearing the tail non-stop since. It's fun making your child's costume when they wear it a lot.

  6. Super cute! Love both of these costumes so much, what a sweet little boy. I used to love Rainbow bright, and your dear little girl is just super adorable in that costume! Great job!


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