video tutorial and a birthday

A few days ago I was apparently trying really hard not to be productive and was browsing the Quilty website. I noticed a video that had an image of a quilt that looked strangely familiar so I clicked and started watching.

I was super surprised to find out that in the video they are making a block (it's an Ohio Star Block) like the quilt that I made that is going to be in the next issue of the magazine.  If you fast forward to about 1:50 in the video my name is even on the screen.

Crazy.  The craziest thing is that I randomly found it since they didn't let me know that they were doing this.  Anyway, I will post a photo of the quilt when they send me a copy of the magazine.

Today is my daughter Harper's 6th birthday which is exciting for her but also a big relief to me since we have been having a daily birthday countdown for the past three months.  She has been so excited and was very happy that we complied with her request for mostly clothes, accessories, and shoes for her birthday.  She is pretty much already a teenager.
Opening presents
It's hard to believe that this sweet little baby girl
Is now this still sweet, but very spunky 6 year old.
Harper is 6!


  1. Happy 6th birthday Harper! I hope you have a wonderful day....

  2. Rosemary b here:
    Ugh, I tried to comment while I was the passenger in the car today lol on my phone.
    Hubbs drove, and we went to Maryland to check on my parents house -- long story/couldn't remember my password.

    Happy Birthday to your adorable little Princess Harper. She is so cute. I have two girls and they are grown and MARRIED, they are 25 and 27.
    It happens way too fast.
    She looks wonderful in her new dress.
    Happy Day of Birth to YOU TOO!
    Have an extra piece of cake for all of that suffering you endured on that special day

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! What a fun day. Look forward to seeing your quilt when the magazine comes :-)

  4. Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl and congratulations on your upcoming publication! I just got my copy of the last magazine you were in. I'm going to be a collector.

  5. That is so cool that they are working on your quilt design in the video! Happy birthday to your little girl :) she's a cutie!

  6. My daughter, now 10, was the same at six. All about clothes, shoes and hair accessories, and label names unfortunately! Happy a birthday Harper! She was so dark as a baby and is now so fair!


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