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One of the things that I look forward to about the 4th of July - other than fireworks and watermelon and picnics of course - is fabric sales.  And Lark Cottons has some great sales going on this summer.

Now through next Tuesday there is 25% off all red, white, and blue fabrics using code 4fireworks on the shopping cart page.  If you visit this page of the Lark Cottons website you can browse fabrics by color (this is my favorite way to shop for fabric).

Heather will be posting about future sales on the Lark Cottons Facebook page.  Make sure to check back often because there will be lots of great sales that will come and go fast - including deep discounts up to 40%.

In addition to great sales, there will be "anatomy of a block" posts dissecting various quilt blocks on the Lark Cottons blog.

If you have never visited Lark Cottons I definitely recommend checking out the website.  Heather has curated a wonderful selection of fabrics.  I can honestly say that there isn't a single fabric in the shop that I wouldn't love to have in my stash.  

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  1. As someone with no affiliation with Lark Cottons except as a customer, is it okay if I point out my favorite thing about this shop? Every fabric I have received from Lark has been cut on the straight of grain. Maybe I've just hit it lucky, but boy, do I appreciate it!


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