WIP Wednesday

Now that the kids are back in school I feel like I have a little more time to sew.  Except our air conditioner finally gave up on life last week and I have spent the last several days getting bids for a new AC and boy has that been depressing.  We also entertained 2 separate house guests last week and we will have my sister here for a few days coming up so maybe I haven't really had any more time to sew.

In between those endlessly long, boring consultations with the AC people I got some work done on this baby quilt.  It is for a baby shower tomorrow night so I have until tomorrow night to finish the binding.  I will write a little more about this one when it is finished, but my friend is very minimalist and likes muted colors so I am hoping that this works with her style.
hst baby boy quilt
And number two on my list is the stack that will be for my husband's coworker's new baby.  I have only met him once and I have never met his wife so I am not sure what their tastes are, but he is very good friends with my husband and I thought it would be nice to make something for them.  I figured these pretty Winged prints would work for just about anyone.
winged fabric stack


  1. I like the soft colour in the quilt and that stack of fabric looks very pretty! Happy binding :)

  2. The muted colors in the first quilt should be right up the new parents alley. It's lovely and I hope baby adopts it with zest and love and drags it around until it is in tatters. ;) The other fabrics will also make a wonderful baby quilt. What lucky babies to have such terrific blankies to cuddle with!
    Sorry about your a/c. We are right now on the other side of the coin having to shop for a new wood stove. Yikes! None of the shopping is fun.

  3. I hope you'll show us the baby quilt after the shower. It looks so interesting and comforting.

  4. I love the colors and design in the finished quilt you shared. The parents will be sure to love it!

  5. Love making baby quilts: so quick and cute! I am loving the Winged fabrics, too. Deciding what to make with my little stack.

  6. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to their AC dying on them at the most unfortunate moments. That’s why it’s important to get familiar with your unit. What sounds does it make when it’s got a mechanical problem? What specific mechanical problem is that? There are always telltale signs that indicate what’s with the machine. In any case, despite all that, you still managed to make this cute baby quilt! So kudos to you!

    Lashon Cheatham @ All About Air


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