Inspiration Mosaics

Someone needs to remind me next year that I am not allowed to sew my kids Halloween costumes.  I haven't sewn anything for the past two weeks because every time I walk into my sewing room I see my daughters in-progress Elsa dress and walk away.  It is pretty much my least favorite thing.

But I have been making slow progress on the dress and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel: I will be able to sew a quilt soon!  And in anticipation of that I put together my monthly Inspiration Mosaic post using some of my favorite fabrics from each of my sponsors.  I hope that this inspires some of you, but even if it doesn't, it does help me procrastinate the Elsa dress.

Shabby Fabrics
Mother Goose Tales GreenPinhead Dot KiwiOh Clementine GreyKiss Dot MarinePinhead Dot Limeade,  Basically Hugs Light GrayPearl BraceletOval Elements Key LimeAmerican Made Brand Solids Light LimeBrambleberry Ridge Teal Timber ValleyKiss Dot CedarOh Clementine GreyCotton and Steel Basics

Florascape Moonstone, Tomahawk Stripe,  Sprinkled Morning, Beekeeper Coral, Canyon Wall, Plumage Apricot, Arid Horizon,  Freshly Cut Hyacinths, Notes of Winter Dew, Valley of Azure, Honey House Sunflower, Clay Sundot, Summer Grove by Day

Lark Cottons
Stamped Grove Daylight, Foliage Tangerine, Spirodraft Carbon, Bella Solids Mist, Crosshatch Silver, XOXO Ghost, Crosshatch Curry, Foliage Curry, Netorious Roadster,  Crosshatch Lake, Serenity Entwined Pearl,  Korkek Dandelion, Winnow Forget Me Not
Forest Floor KhakiDottie Gelato GoldLinked with NightRush Hour TanNetorious Goldilocks SilverTrellis StoneDeco Petal TurquoiseClimbing Vine NavyLattice CoralPretty Posies TurquoiseWildflower CrimsonTwigged Patch SunlitDottie Cloud
Fat Quarter Shop
Fresh Radical Blooms, Oval Elements Blue Lagoon, Pure Elements Icy Mint, Black Days of the Week, Dottie Pink Tiny Dots, Butter Pecan Cross Hatch, Black Stripe, XOXO Plummy, Dottie Magenta, Elementary Splash the Grid, Orchid Cuboid, Dottie Aqua Tiny Dots
Stash Fabrics
Sunday Clippings in Dusk, Confetti Dot in Parrot, Pointelle in Pink, Oval Elements in Tangerine Tango,  Cottagely Posy in Garden, Basketweave in Coral, Circles in Blue, Springs Sun, Scribbles in SunriseDash Dot in Lantern, Valley in Evergreen, Thru the Wire in Marmalade, Cheerful Echo
This center fabric is from Katy Jones new line Priory Square.  It isn't available yet, but it is available for preorder here.

Southern Fabric
Megalopolitan, Sugio TilesDumb Dot Sorbet, Utopia Chatter Pods, Utopia Lucid Hills, Specks of Rambutan, Atomic Influx, Cool Dots Tangerine, Piccolo Spray, XOXO Dandelion, Stitch Circle Teal,  Stitch Square Ocean, Atomic Influx


  1. But when you see her face light up it will all be worth it and you will do it again. My granddaughter has been swirling and twirling since she got her Elsa dress from me in the mail yesterday. A bit big, but she doesn't care.

  2. That fabric worm collection is just stunning. Good luck on the dress - just bought my daughter one for Christmas. I made an Ella Cape in April in stretchy fabric. Never again.

  3. lol. is it wrong I'd like to see the dress :D

  4. Those mosaics make me want to go on a fabric buying binge! When I have clothing that needs alterations, I take it to the cleaners. lol

  5. i like the fruits of your procrastination! and i feel your pain on the project-you-dont-want-to-do. but i also want to see the dress!


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