Winged Pillow Sham

Back when I was working on this Winged twin quilt, the commissioner of the quilt asked if I could also make a matching pillow sham.  Now to be honest I have made throw pillows and pillow cases, but I have never actually made a pillow sham.  But of course there are lots of tutorials available online (I used this one) so I said yes.
And I don't think this will be the last one I make.  It was pretty easy and quick to put together.  The only change that I made was that I pieced and quilted the front of the sham.
It was also great because I was able to use a lot of the scraps leftover from the quilt top.  I only had to order a little extra of the quilt backing for the back of the pillow sham.

Now I think I need to make one of these for each of my kids' beds :)


  1. Love this! You did a fantastic job! I need to make a couple of these myself!

  2. Nice! I just may consider this as a future project...

  3. Your pillow sham looks so pretty!! I'm making twin size quilts for 5 of my grandchildren for Christmas, I think I'll make matching shams for the girls! Wonderful job :)


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