Auction for Eleni

Rachel's blog was one of the first that I started following when I started quilting.  If you had the opportunity to interact with her you know that she is sweet, helpful, wonderful, creative, and kind.  I was heartbroken when I heard about the complications surrounding her daughter's birth and am so glad that the Auction for Eleni has been set up to help raise money for Rachel and her family.
I have donated a Fat Eighth bundle of Bonnie and Camille's Happy Go Lucky collection and there are more than 100 other fabrics and handmade items up for auction starting tomorrow March 14th at 4PM EST.  The auction will end on March 15th at 4PM EST.  You can find all of the details plus photos of all of the donated items on the Auction for Eleni Instagram page.

Additionally you can make a donation through Paypal for Rachel and her family by sending the funds directly to  


  1. Thanks so much for that information. I don't do Instagram but am glad to know about the paypal option. I, too, was heartbroken to hear the news of Eleni.

  2. Like Pat, I not into Instagram and would like to know if there is another way we are able to get involved in the auction. Thanks so much for your kindness.

  3. Another Rachel-follower but non-Instagram user here. Thank you so very much for sharing the paypal option.

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