For the Boys Quilt Top

A couple weeks ago I received an order from Lark Cottons that was just what I needed to get started on a new project.  I had unintentionally ordered coordinating fabrics.
I ended up adding and subtracting a couple prints, but it seemed like these fabrics plus . . .
this book were a great combination.  I knew it wouldn't be long until I needed to make something from Jen Kingwell's book, and this is one of the few quilting books where I think I could eventually make all of the projects.  It is amazing.

I decided to start with a pattern called For the Boys (which makes me get this song stuck in my head every time I think of it).
For the Boys Quilt
I made mine a little smaller than the pattern and left off the outer borders.  I don't normally share quilt tops, but I am planning on hand quilting this one for the baby and it might be a while before it's finished.  This is a great pattern, especially for a baby boy quilt, and one I could definitely see myself using in the future.

Fabrics used that are still available: Chicopee, Hello Bear, Daysail, Cookie Book, and Revelry (this will be the backing).  


  1. Don't you love that kind of serendipity? This turned out really lovely, perfect quilt for a baby boy ...

  2. It's gorgeous, I'm sure it will look amazing hand quilted. Lucky baby :)

  3. Great quilt and the colors are perfect for a boy. Love the bright spot of yellow.

  4. Its beautiful! I love the colors and the prints. I'm sure your hand stitching will be especially beautiful - even if it takes extra time!

  5. Beautiful! I love seeing a simple stack of fabrics turn into something amazing!

  6. This is wonderful. I have a baby shower I am going to next month and have been trying to decide on the right pattern because I don't want a simple square quilt to make for the little babe. Nicely done!

  7. I love your colour combination. It's really for a boy, and not to baby-ish. They grow up so fast! I'm looking forward to seeing how you are going to handquilt it!

  8. It's just gorgeous. I always find boy quilts so difficult to plan and really appreciate seeing other people ideas. Thank you.

  9. Your quilt was the first thing I saw on Instagram this morning! What a lovely way to start the day :)
    It's a beaut!!

  10. Great quilt and the colors are perfect for a boy.
    Congratulations from Argentina.

  11. Fantastic...need I say more

  12. Beautiful colors in this quilt. And how fun that you already had coordinating fabrics on the way!

  13. Great quilt and I love the colors
    Thanks for sharing


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