Prepping for Baby (and a shop update)

I have been somewhat limited as far as what I can do to prepare for this baby.  We have about 5-ish weeks left and have been in the middle of a major bathroom remodel for the past month.

Earlier this year we discovered that there was severe water damage (and mold) in the wall behind our shower.  And then we found out that before we moved in, there had been mice living under the tub and the droppings were still there.  Gross, gross, gross.  Our master bathroom was completely ripped out and the other bathrooms have been without sinks, counters, or mirrors.  Everything has been displaced.  But the remodel is finally done and I can finally start putting things away.
flannel burp cloths
Fabrics are all flannel.  From left to right: Cloud 9 Fanfare, Cloud 9 from Joann's, Sarah Jane's Children at Play, and another Cloud 9 from Joann's.  
While I have been waiting for the bathroom to get finished up I cut a very large stack of burp cloths from some small-ish flannel scraps I had sitting around.  I have been sewing a couple together here and there, but then I realized that I should probably just buckle down and finish them so that I have some for myself and so that I am prepared for gifts.  There are LOTS more than the ones pictured.  I should have enough to last a while.  

In addition to making these and completely cleaning out and rearranging the house post-remodel, I also listed a couple more quilts in my Etsy shop.  I really hate to part with quilts that I have made, but I just do not have room for them.  


  1. Burp cloths! Now I need to make a whole bunch...
    I've got less than three weeks left until our new little guy is here. I've found that I don't really get the nesting instinct, but more the instinct to "sew all the baby things!". After all, sitting at the sewing machine is much easier on my back than mopping. :). I've been making car seat covers, bibs, and clearing out things in my own etsy shop. Good luck with all of yours! I think I'll go make a bunch of burp cloths now...

  2. The fabric for your burp clothes are so cute. I especially love those little foxes!

  3. I just stumbled across your blog. Congrats on a new arrival soon. I will have to make some of these for my great grandchild when and get one which doesn't seem like anytime soon. I can keep hoping though. Mary

  4. There's little worse than having your bathrooms out of commission!


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