Teacher Gifts

Last week at the very last minute, I decided to sew up some bags for my kids' teachers instead of going the gift card route.  It was definitely much faster than last year's gift, but I wanted to keep up the tradition of handmade and this pattern was about as much time as I could manage with this little guy (who is now 1 month old!).
August is 1 month old
I used some canvas prints from Fabricworm for the outside of the bags with coordinating prints for the lining.  I had forgotten how fast this pattern was and thank goodness, because August is a little colicky.
Harper picked this cute Teagan White print for her bag.  I love this print, and this line in general.  It is so sweet.
Jonah picked a Charley Harper print.  Initially I wasn't really feeling this print, but in person it is really great.  This bag was a little hard to give away.

We are lucky to have had excellent teachers this year and I wish I could have done more to show them how much we appreciated them.  I can't believe I will have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner next year!


  1. The bags are lovely and I am sure they will get quite a workout by the teachers.

  2. I love your baby and their quilt !

  3. I love your baby and their quilt !

  4. What a cutie your little man is. Love the bags and I am sure they will get a lot of use.

  5. Fun pics and sure the teacher will be delighted with them!

  6. The bags turned out great! I'm sure their teachers loved them.

    Congratulations on the new-ish baby! :D

  7. August is a cutiepie
    I love the bags. The teachers will be thrilled.

  8. What lovely gifts, I'm sure the teachers loved them! That Teagan White print is great!

  9. Very cute bags! I too, like to give homemade gifts to my son's teachers. Since he's special needs (ASD), he gets a lot of assistance and I like to show my appreciation through fabric! http://reddeliciouslife.blogspot.com/2015/06/teacher-appreciation-gifts-2015.html

  10. I think the bags came out lovely and super well! I would love one if I were their teacher! WTG mom! Having the little one is just the extra happiness that comes with quilting, another reason to eventually make it back into sewing... and you will on your time... or his, whichever works! LoL

  11. Great bags and I love the mismatched socks! You must be a lovely mum

  12. Awesome bags. Teachers are always carrying papers home so I'm sure it be very handy. The homemade touch is always appreciated.
    That 1 month old is pretty cute too. ;o)


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