baby boy postage stamp quilt

This seems to be a bit of a baby boom year among my friends.  I had 4 friends that had baby's within a few weeks of when August was born, and there are several more due before the end of the year.  I would love to make quilts for all of them, but I need times to do things like sleep and do the laundry so it isn't really possible ;)
But I have a friend who is having a baby boy and who has a son in my son's kindergarten class, and I thought would really appreciate something handmade.  So last week I started to pull out some blue and teal and black and white and brown scraps and put them together.  

I wanted to do a postage stamp quilt, but I wanted to add a little structure to the scrappiness so I arranged the darker squares in plus signs with low volume squares between them. 

Initially I wasn't even going to share this quilt because it is pretty basic and while it makes my heart happy, it's not really anything new.  But I did want to share the fabric that I used on the back which is Robert Kaufman 1" Carolina Gingham.  It is wonderfully soft and I absolutely love it as a quilt back.
postage stamp baby boy quilt
I also did one other thing differently on this quilt: I cut my binding strips to 2.75" strips.  It didn't make a huge difference, but I enjoyed the change and I think I might play around with even wider binding in the future.  

Thank you so much for your support on my last post.  I hope no one got the impression that I was negative towards people who sell their quilts, because I'm not, I think it's great!  All I wanted to get across is that we all have our own feelings and intentions and goals with quilting and we should respect and understand that there is more than money to gain.  


  1. You say "pretty basic" but I say Gorgeous! I,m so glad you decided to show it because I love it, front and back. I'm sure your friend will lo ve it too, the lucky duck!

  2. I like the structure you added by arranging the plus signs. What a great scrap busting quilt.

  3. These types of quilts are my favorite! So classic and clean. Your choice of fabrics are lovely and I am sure your friend will be so touched. I know what you mean about a baby boom - so many kids are being born but there is no way for me to keep up with all of them. Burp cloths make a great handmade present and that has been my go to. When I had my son that was all I used for the first three months. Burp cloths and diapers. =) Have a happy Friday! I'm visiting from finish it friday! =) Aloha.

  4. This is a gorgeous quilt and I'm happy that you shared it with us! I love the way you created the pluses with the darker fabrics, this gives the quilt a great depth.

  5. Basic is good, sharing what you consider basic, may be just the inspiration some one new to quilting will need to see. It is all good!

  6. I'm glad you decided to write this post! It prompted a couple questions: First, that gingham backing looks great, but I am wondering, how tight is the weave? (Sometimes gingham can have a fairly loose weave, especially in comparison with quality quilting cottons.) Second, with a wider binding, are you leaving more than a 1/4" along the edge of your quilt when you trim it up before binding? (Sometimes even a 2 1/2" binding can feel a little "empty".)

  7. Sleep? Who needs sleep when there is quilting to be done! Love this quilt!

  8. Cute! Great choice for a baby quilt. Kat @

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