SMS Giveaway Day Winners

Thank you everyone for all of the comments on my Giveaway Post.  I am working my way through reading the comments and suggestions about having a new puppy.

Before we got the puppy I felt like my life was pretty much as full as it could get - and now I am having to readjust because it is a little fuller.  I have been lamenting that because of other obligations I haven't been able to sew much (I snuck in about 20 minutes of sewing last week total!), but I am happy to have all of those other things in my life too.  Hopefully I will find more time to sew soon because I have a stack of quilts-to-be-made on my counter about 4 quilts high.

The winners of the giveaway are . . .

I will be emailing you each soon to get your mailing addresses!


  1. Puppies are a lot of work but a lot of love, too. I agree that crate training will keep you both sane and it is the best way to keep puppy safe when you can't supervise.

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