Twinkle Twinkle Quilt - AvantGarde Blog Hop

I have talked before about how much I love Katarina Roccella's fabrics (I have made quilts with Recollection, Wonderland, and Skopelos) and I may have said that each of those was my favorite of her collections, but AvantGarde is my new favorite.  It is gorgeous.
twinkle twinkle avant garde quilt
I had mapped out a plan for the quilt in EQ7 and then when the fabrics arrived I decided to go a completely different direction.  Sometimes you just have to go where the fabric takes you ;)
twinkle twinkle avant garde quilt
I used a block that is very similar to a Kaleidoscope block (it's called a Maltese Cross block in EQ7, I don't know if there is another name for it) alternated with a block that has HSTs in the corner.  I don't know if it has a name, obviously I am fountain of knowledge here, ha ha!
twinkle twinkle avant garde quilt
I really love how the bright colors pop against the background fabric.  The collection is beautiful together, but could easily be mixed with other collections.  I wanted to echo the square-ish shapes of the background fabric with the quilting, so I did an organic. slightly wonky grid.
twinkle twinkle avant garde quilt
The backing fabric is a beautiful large-ish scale floral and the binding is black Pure Elements solid.  The batting is Quilter's Dream Request loft, which is very low loft; combined with the lightweight Art Gallery Fabrics this quilt is perfect for warmer climates or summertime.  

Finished size: 54" x 72"

This is definitely a collection you should add to your wish list.  Take a minute to check out the other blogs participating in the blog hop, there are some AMAZING projects.  
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  1. Oh my Erica!!!!!THIS is beyond GORGEOUS!!!!!!I am so smitten by all the fantastic ideas and projects in this blog tour and so honored and happy to have you again :)

  2. Well, I love where the fabric took you on this one! It looks fabulous.

  3. Wow very nice ...This could be for a man oe women to snuggle ty for your mountain of knowledge coment I needed a good giggle...

  4. The square block with the flippy corner HST is a Snowball Block. Google it and open the Craftsy tutorial. I, too, love Katarina Roccella's fabrics, and this line is definitely a winner! Love the fabric you chose as a background; it really sets off the rest of the bright fabrics!

  5. What an exciting quilt Erica! Both the design and the fabrics are a perfect pairing!

  6. This pattern looks like the "wanta Fanta" blocks/quilt from Better Off Thread. Looks great!

  7. absolutely obsessed with this quilt. Do you have a pattern available?


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