Scrappy Bonnie Lass Quilt

A while back I picked up Jen Kingwell's Quilt Lovely book.  It is aptly named - it is lovely - and I have several quilts from the book on my to do list (I already made one).
bonnie lass quilt
The Bonnie Lass pattern grabbed my attention because it is scrappy and scraps are taking over my house.  This is a great scrap buster since it uses small pieces and uses fabrics with light and dark values, so it gobbles up a good variety of fabrics.  Of course my scrap bins are still overflowing, but it is amazing what you can make with little leftover pieces.
bonnie lass quilt
There are a few places where my darker value fabrics probably could have been a little darker, but my main objective was using up my scraps so I didn't stress about it.  This pattern was a lot of fun (though not exactly quick) to put together and I think it would be fun to remake in different color scheme (maybe black and white?).
bonnie lass quiltt
The backing is a really lovely Cloud9 flannel that I have had in my stash for a while.  It is different from other flannels that I have used and is less fluffy and sturdier feeling, but still soft. I quilted it with a grid crosshatch (my favorite), but instead of marking lines on the quilt I just eye balled it.  There are some wibbles and wobbles, but that is acceptable for a scrap quilt, right?

I did try something a little different with the batting this time around.  Most of the time I use Quilter's Dream Select Loft batting.  It is wonderful and cotton and low loft, but not their lowest loft (more info here).  One step up in thickness gets you to the Deluxe Loft batting which I used here.  

I love Quilter's Dream batting (it's all I use these days) and the Deluxe Loft did not disappoint.  The batting is substantial feeling without being fluffy, it is still soft and drapey, but it has a heft that you don't get with a thinner batting.  The quilting stands out nicely.  In combination with the flannel backing it has a wonderful weight that is very nice for snuggling under.  Two thumbs up from me.  They have an even denser batting option called Supreme Loft that I am hoping to try soon.  
bonnie lass quilt
I think we are going to hang onto this quilt for use at my house since scrappy quilts hold up nicely to use by sticky, messy little kids.  

Finished size: 59" x 67"
Backing fabric: Forest Friends flannel from Cloud9
Binding fabric: Leah Duncan Tule (similar print here)

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*The batting for this quilt was provided at my request by Quilter's Dream.  I try to be as honest and unbiased as possible and if you have used Quilter's Dream, you know they are the best!


  1. I see that Quilter's Dream runs an ad on your blog. Is it part of your agreement that you promote their products - just curious how that works.

  2. You are correct, they are a sponsor and I neglected to include that information in my post. I have added it!

  3. lovely bright and colourful quilt. Quilters Dream is nice quality wadding. I have used the select but not the others, I like it that it can be hand quilted. My favourite for machine quilting is Warm and Natural, although it doesn't drape quite as well.
    I love Jen Kingwell and I have two of the other books you have on the page too, I haven't made anything out of the book yet, I have the pattern for Gypsy Wife I would like to do firs, BUT, before I can indulge myself I am clearing out some UFOs, although it does help to be doing something new along side them.

  4. Nice! I just finished my second Bonnie Lass...

  5. What a fabulous quilt! I love the colors; such a great pattern for some bright, cheery scrappiness! Love the yellow dots for the background too. A perfect quilt for some adorable sticky, messy, little kids! :)

  6. I like the quilt a lot and I see one sticky little person seems to approve it, too. :D

  7. This turned out great! I'm going to check out her book. Did you pre-wash the flannel?


  8. This reminds me of the quilts your great-grandmother made! Nicely done!

  9. Looks like that bundle of joy is enjoying the quilt so you have to keep.
    Great quilt.

  10. Thanks for the scrappy inspiration - I've started one too!!! (


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