Palisades Quilt - AGF Stitched

Today I am excited to share another AGF Stitched pattern with you.  This is a collaboration between The Fat Quarter Shop and Art Gallery Fabrics to create a really great free pattern.  I love how many different directions this quilt could go - it is great for solids, larger scale prints, or anything in between.

I decided to use mostly Katarina Roccella's Pandalicious collection for my quilt.  This collection uses some great blues and greens and bluish greens and has the most adorable panda print.
Pandalicious Quilt
I had to use the pandas for the center square.  And for the back.
Pandalicious Quilt

I am a big believer that quilts have a healing and comforting ability.  But I can't imagine many things more comforting than a quilt backed in adorable pandas.
Pandalicious Quilt
So. Many. Pandas.  I quilted it with an all over/organic cross hatch (my favorite).

Like the previous AGF Stitched patterns, this one is free and there is a video tutorial.  So if you are a fairly new quilter and are a little unsure, Kimberly will walk you through the process.  

Deciding on fabrics for this quilt took me forever because, well, I love fabric and wish I could choose all of them.  Since I drafted out several options in EQ7, I thought I'd share those with you.

First I had red/pink/orange/yellow version.
Then I had the version using mostly Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall collection.
And then I had the version using AGF Denim.
In the end the pandas won out.

Do you want to make your own Palisades Quilt?

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  1. Your quilt is gorgeous! Love the panda print and the blue fabric colorway!

  2. Love you final decision ! :)

  3. This looks like a great pattern that looks great in a lot of different colorways. Your quilt looks terrific - it looks like it has the same collection that Kimberly used but yours has more zing to it.

  4. So fun seeing the different options but I can totally see why the pandas won! Sweet!


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