Fussy Cut Sampler QAL - Blocks 21-24

This week I made the blocks in chapter 6 of the Fussy Cut Sampler.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 21
Block 21 plays with scale - using progressively larger versions of a motif in the borders.  In the book, Nichole's block uses plusses and Elisabeth's uses dots so I thought, "I have a ton of fabric, surely I have three different sizes of gingham that work together."
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 22
Block 22 focuses on the details in a fabric.  I used a Sarah Jane print that has a lot of really cute detail.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 23
Block 23.  I had a really hard time deciding on fabrics for this block. It is supposed to use complementary focal fabrics. While I was looking through my stash I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if I used lions and tigers and bears," and then I started laughing hysterically because it was late at night.  I don't normally think of panda bears when I think of that phrase, but that is what I had in my stash.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 24

Block 24.  If you have this book, check out Nichole's version of this block, it is one of my favorites in the book.

Check out everyone else's blocks on Instagram with hashtag #fussycutsamplerqal.


  1. Nice post, things explained in details of fabric blocks. Thank You. Fabric

  2. ^^^ eeek spammy comments now

    I love your blocks the cutest fabrics used ever!!

  3. I'm really enjoying these posts explaining and showing how you have interpreted the blocks. I've loved every single block so far. I'm tempted to buy the book, thanks to your blog.


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