Fussy Cut Sampler QAL - Blocks 25-28

This week is Chapter 7 in the Fussy Cut Sampler.  This week uses "tossed prints" and it has been the hardest week for me so far.  I have a decent fabric stash so I thought I had a little bit of everything, but it turns out I don't have a lot of these types of prints.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 25
Block 25. I used a precious scrap of that Melody Miller floral for this block.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 26
Block 26.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 27
Block 27 - forcing directionality.  I  did enjoy putting this one together, this Cotton + Steel print has so many fun different details.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 28
Block 28 - this one was my least favorite block from my least favorite chapter.  It has you cut out a focal element and piece it into a less distracting fabric. 

Check out everyone else's QAL blocks on Instagram with hashtag #thefussycutsamplerqal.


  1. All are pretty, but the first block is fantastic. A very fitting use of that Melody Miller print.


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