Fussy Cut Sampler QAL - Blocks 29-32

Week 8 in the Fussy Cut Sampler.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 29
Block 29.  I like this block, but I don't know how well it is going to fit with the rest of the quilt.  I might need to give it another try.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 30
Block 30.  That bear is so stinkin cute.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 31
Block 31. I've been waiting to use this mermaid on a block.
The Fussy Cut Sampler QAL Block 32
Block 32.  I am super pleased with how this one turned out.  It would be fun to make an entire quilt based on these colors. 

Check out everyone else's Chapter 8 blocks on Instagram with hashtag #thefussycutsamplerqal.


  1. Great blocks! Yep, that bear is stinkin' cute.

  2. I love all of the blocks, the first one is marvelous too.
    Yes, the mermaid and the bear are so cute


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