Fussy Cut Sampler QAL - Blocks 45-48

This is the final chapter in the Fussy Cut Sampler. Thanks for sticking with me as I have shared my blocks each week, it has been so much fun.  Now the problem is going to be choosing a sashing fabric, I have no idea what I'm going to do!
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 45
Block 45.  I have a confession to make: this block is supposed to use freezer paper and I didn't use it.  
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 46
Block 46. This was another hard one for me, I am not a fan of matching up repeats because I am not very good at it.  
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 47
Block 47.  I didn't really follow the rules on this block either, I got carried away with picking fabrics and forgot that each of the shapes was supposed to contain a motif.  
The Fussy Cut Sampler Block # 48
Block 48. This is the final block and creates a custom label. I didn't want to use my name and I didn't have many text fabric options in my, so I decided to go with a short phrase that I knew I would enjoy seeing on my quilt and happy fabrics to go along with it. 

Check out everyone else's Chapter 12 blocks on Instagram with hashtag #thefussycutsamplerqal.

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  1. I've really enjoyed seeing your fussy cut blocks. It will be fun to see your final quilt.


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