FreeSpirit Free Patterns

FreeSpirit's website has been removed and these patterns are no longer available for download. They have assured me that a new website is underway and I will update the links as soon as the new downloads are available.  

Most of you have probably heard the news that FreeSpirit is closing.  I am so sad! Since I am not sure if their website will stay up or if they will take it down, I wanted to make a post with links to all of the free patterns that I have written for them.

If you are interested in making any of these quilts, download them now because they may not be available forever!

Commotion Free Quilt Pattern

Cut Loose Free Quilt Pattern

Mingled Free Quilt Pattern

Hashtag Free Quilt Pattern

Tailor's Spinning Wheel Free Quilt Pattern


  1. Somehow, I missed a couple of these. Thanks for the reminder/nudge.

  2. I am just still stunned about this entire situation, I dismissed it at first yesterday and then when Kaffe and Tula Pink said it was true I knew. Went and grabbed multiple patterns off their sight. Hoping that everything works out for you and your family and you are able to continue your blog. I enjoy it!

  3. Do you ever donate material?? Quilting and sewing is mentally therapeutic for me and I wish I can purchase some fabric today but unfortunately I am not able to buy any because we are waiting to hear about SSD for my husband for getting disabled and I just started receiving my SSD so I’m the only income and playing catch-up.... bummer 😢😢

  4. A big loss for those of us who like to "pet" the fabric. Thanks for the info.


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