Amalfi Quilt

You might have seen a couple photos of my Isabella Quilt in my post about the pattern, but I thought it needed its own post.

The Isabella Quilt PDF Pattern

This quilt is the small lap size version from the pattern - I really like to have a couple of quilts around that are this size because they are perfect for sitting at my computer or on the couch. Also, my kids love this size.

I have now made 3 versions of this quilt - one with Menagerie, this one with Amalfi, and another one that I will be sharing soon.  I really enjoy making quilts with these giant blocks because they come together quickly and really showcase the fabrics.

And in case you are worried that this block looks difficult, it isn't! 

The Amalfi Isabella Quilt

The fabrics in this quilt are Amalfi by Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton + Steel and they are AMAZING! The mix of colors and patterns is perfect. I like the other Rifle Paper Co. collections, but this one is my favorite.

The Amalfi Isabella Quilt

The Isabella Quilt

For the binding, I did my normal big stitch binding.


And attached a label to the backing. 


The backing fabric is my favorite from the collection. SO PRETTY!

Amalfi Isabella Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Want to make your own version of The Isabella Quilt? Pick up the pattern here.  

Finished Size: 57" x 57"

Amalfi Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting Amalfi Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting


  1. Beautiful! Did you use a layer cake?

    1. No, I used yardage. A layer cake wouldn't be enough, but you could use a fat quarter bundle!

  2. What a pretty quilt. I love everything C+S--their fabrics are fresh and pretty. You made a smart choice for this little quilt. Great finish!

    1. Thank you! Yes, C+S fabrics are amazing, I love almost everything they make!

  3. This design is classy, fun to watch!


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