Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

2017 Christmas Stockings
Stocking Stuffers for Quilters

Do you stuff your own Christmas stocking? I stuff mine, my husband's, all three of our kids', and even the dog's and it is absolutely one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Big gifts are great, but I like to find some small, meaningful gifts to put into the stockings.

The funny thing is that I always have an easier time filling everyone else's stockings and a really difficult time trying to do with mine. I usually end up with chapstick and a new tube of nice mascara and a box of Andes mints, but that's about it.

This year is going to be different and I am going to buy myself some nice quilting-related items to fill my stocking. Since I am doing some shopping for myself, I thought I would share some of my ideas with you. Some of these are things I have (and love!) and some are things that I want.


Notions make great stocking stuffers because they are useful, they are (usually) pretty cute, and they are small so they fit nicely in a stocking. 
1. Thread (Aurifil 50 wt. in Dove Gray is my favorite)
3. A pink(!) rotary cutter
4. A pin bowl (It will be a little heavy, but it will fit!)
5. Binding Baby
6. Pretty scissors
7. Sewing machine cleaning brushes
8. Super cute tin
9. Seam ripper
10. Needle Nanny

Quilted-Related Enamel Pins

I have recently gotten really into enamel pins - they are so fun and there are so many cute ones out there!
2. Fabric Only! (Fabric scissors)
7. Maker


As fun as all of the quilting accessories are, we are really all in it for the fabric, right?
Do you have any stocking stuffers on your wish list this year? I would love some suggestions in the comments!

I also maintain a list of my favorite quilting supplies here if you are looking for more ideas ;)

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Stocking Stuffers for Quilters


  1. I'm lucky in that my daughter who is also a quilter helps fill my stocking. ;-) Tho hubby does a great job too (earrings, good dark chocolate, salted caramels). Other ideas - handmade or nice soaps, small candles, rubber spatulas. But us quilters will usually find some Aurifil, mini charm packs, etc. Sometimes pressing spray, a new hera marker, pins, wonderclips, etc.... All fun ideas!

    1. That's nice of your daughter! I am too much of a control freak to let anyone else have anything to do with the stockings, it is my territory ;) Thanks for the good ideas, I could use some new wonderclips!

  2. I like small bags of flavored coffee. There is a local roaster who makes one called 'Chocolate Nirvana' - soooo good!
    I could definitely use one of those binding tools - I always get that step wrong and have to re-do it! Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. That's a great idea! The binding tool is pretty cool, it really helped me when I first started quilting. I have a different method that I use now (it is basically the same idea without the tool), but it was nice to have the tool with the instructions printed right on it. Joining binding terrified me for a long time!


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