Cotton Couture Rainbow - The Violet Quilt

This pattern is now available here!

Can you make too many rainbow quilts? I hope the answer is "no" because I am not done.

This is a rainbow-y version of my new pattern, The Violet Quilt, that I will be releasing next week (and the instructions to make the rainbow version are included in the pattern!). 

I will share more about the pattern soon but it is one of my favorite ones I have ever written. In addition to having instructions to make the rainbow version, the pattern is fat quarter friendly and is one of the those patterns that looks really complicated and difficult, but isn't. 

I think that one of the reasons that I don't get sick of making rainbow quilts is because there are so many different rainbows out there. This quilt uses a more muted, spring variety of rainbow and I loooove it. So pretty and subtle and sweet.

For the rainbow on this quilt, I used all Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids and the list of solids is listed in the pattern. It uses my favorite Cotton Couture colors of the moment (Geranium, Melon, Venus, Mauve, Lilypad, and Mermaid) along with a few other winners.

The binding on this quilt is Cotton Couture in Metal and it is a new favorite binding for me - it is a perfect, super dark gray without being quite as stark as black. Love it.

Keep an eye out for the pattern release - I can't wait to share this one with you!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Love how you arranged all the fabric colours in this pattern. So pretty!


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