Minky Blankets

Last week I did a little non-quilt sewing that has made me very popular at my house.

Minky Blankets - Kitchen Table Quilting

My kids LOVE quilts backed with minky, so I thought they would really enjoy some blankets with minky on both sides. That makes them twice as cozy and makes them a little bit on the heavier side (which is something my kids really like).

Minky Blankets - Kitchen Table Quilting

Initially I had planned on sharing a tutorial for making these blankets, but I saw this really great tutorial and it does such a great job I decided to just share a few minky-related tips.
  • Pin, pin, pin, pin, pin. 
  • Use your walking foot - it makes a big difference.
  • Clean your sewing room before you start - this stuff is messy to work with and if you start with a clean room, clean up will be much easier.
  • Do not even stretch the fabric. Minky is stretchy in one direction and if you stretch it when pinning or sewing, it will end up distorted. 
  • Do not iron!
  • Take your time. If you take your time to pin carefully and sew without stretching, it really isn't too difficult to work with. 

Minky Blankets - Kitchen Table Quilting

One thing that I did a little bit differently than the tutorial is that I made my blankets bigger. I cut the fabric for the back of the blankets 62" x 72" and the fabric for the front of the blankets 54" x 64". They are huge!

Minky Blankets - Kitchen Table Quilting

The fabric that I used in all of my quilts is Michael Miller minky and it is great quality. This was the first time that I have used with the fuzzy-swirly minky that is on the back of my daughter's blanket. It is very messy to work with, but it is the most snuggly fabric and all of my kids are obsessed with it. Worth it!

If you want your kids to love you forever, you can pick up minky from any of the shops below!


  1. I love this concept and I'd love to make a few for myself and family! I have a question though, do you have any problems with laundering since the center is not "quilted" together? I'd hate to stitch through that rose swirl!

    1. Not so far - I considered tacking it down in the middle, but it actually seems to hold its shape ok. I think the weight of the fabric helps.

  2. yes. I do want my kids to love me forever.
    Yours are growing very quickly!!
    Mine are both married and I have grand kids. I want them to love me too
    I love this idea and i am going to try it!


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