A Very Un-January Violet Quilt

A Very Un-January Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting
While the colors in this quilt aren't very January-esque, the weather lately has been very January. That means constant rain, constant wind, constant clouds, and it's dark super early so getting photos of this quilt has been quite the challenge! I ended up having my older kids run out to a park bench one day during a 5 minute non-rain window to get these. I do enjoy winter, but it does make quilt photos challenging.

This is my Violet Quilt pattern made up in Michael Miller Cotton Couture. I made this quilt for a friend's son (I made this quilt for her older son a couple years ago). He requested yellow, pink, and blue. I added in a little green, orange, and gray and I love how it turned out.

A Very Un-January Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

Confession: this is one of my top 5 favorites of my patterns. I try not to have favorites, but this one is easy to put together and works well with lots of different fabric options so it is pretty high on my list.

A Very Un-January Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

All of the fabrics are Michael Miller Cotton Couture (the backing is Michael Miller minky) and these are the colors I used:
Cream (background)
Earth (small squares)
Bubble Gum

A Very Un-January Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting
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The backing is a happy, pink minky. I love how much heft the minky gives the quilt - it really helps define the quilting and it's so snuggly.

The pictures may not be ideal, but I was happy to get one decent one since most of them looked more like this!

A Very Un-January Violet Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you want to make your own version of the Violet Quilt, you can pick it up in the shop :)


  1. It looks lovely in these sweet candy colours. With how hot it is here right now, I'd swap out a little of my January weather for a little bit of your January weather :)

    1. I would definitely swap out a day so I could get my quilts photographed!

  2. It is very appropriate for an Australia Summer, don't forget! It's delicious like gelati on a hot day!

  3. It is so wild how different this quilt looks from the one on the cover of the pattern!! This one reads like a plus quilt, where the other one looks completely different.

    Quilting is so fascinating!!!!

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