The Iris Quilt in Ombre

When I first started writing patterns, I generally only made one version of each one. In fact, it has been pretty rare for me to ever make a pattern more than once. But about a year ago I decided I wanted to try to make at least 2 versions before I released a pattern. 

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

I wasn't sure how much I was going to enjoy this - I like to mix things up - but it has actually been great. Making the pattern once is fun, but making it differently is even more fun. 

This was actually the first version of my Iris Pattern. I had some Ombre Confetti Dots fabric leftover from a different project, and thought it would be perfect for testing out this pattern. I am so pleased with how it turned out!

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

The ombre prints work particularly well for this pattern because each fabric looks like more than one fabric once its cut up. So even though I used a relatively small number of fabrics to make this quilt, it looks like I used a bunch.

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

This is not the first ombre quilt I have made (see here and here) and it won't be the last - in fact, I kind of want to make this one again with the plain ombre fabrics in a more limited number of colors.
The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

I also think it would be really fun to use this off white ombre dot as a background fabric - it would be really interesting as a background fabric in a lot of different projects. 

The Iris Quilt in Ombre - Kitchen Table Quilting

The quilt is backed in pink minky and I used a dark purple solid for the binding. 

I did make a third version of this pattern and it is VERY scrappy, but I have to quilt the two quilts that I already have basted so I have enough pins to baste that one. Hopefully I can share it soon.

If you would like to make your own version of the Iris Quilt Pattern, you can find it is in the shop. I finally got the paper versions in stock today (there was a bit of a delay) and all of the current orders have been mailed out. 

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